23 October 2011

back for more - revisiting some ttm successes

i recognize that i have become a hoarder of sorts.  acceptance is the first step, right?  here are some guys who i have asked to sign some more baseball cards for me.  first up, roger craig and his 1960 topps card:
i previously had craig sign a 2001 fleer greats of the game card.

here's another 1960 card, this one belongs to bob lillis

here's my earlier success with lillis.  had i been thinking (and willing to spend another $5 on craig) i could have had two former dodgers sign this 1974 topps card
as both lillis and craig served on preston gomez's staff in houston.  both lillis and craig later became major league managers themselves, too.  we'll see more of gomez tomorrow.

here's another former dodger who became a coach, ron perranoski
the last time perranoski signed cards for me, he signed both his 1962 and 1987 topps cards.  each of those cards were far more interesting than his 1967 issue.

elias sosa is fantastically consistent with his signature.
the vertical one he added to his 1977 topps card is just as nice as the horizontal facsimilie.  he also signed one of his 1978 topps cards for me
unfortunately, he didn't sign the back as he had done the first time i bothered him.

next up is lerrin lagrow.  i previously had success with lagrow when he signed a 1978 topps and a 1980 topps card for me.  this time, i sent him a 1979 topps
and another 1980 topps card
with the intent of including it with others in a trade with cory, the grapher who helped me out with the 1978 topps rick monday as well as a bunch of other dodger autos that i haven't posted yet.

lagrow's teammate, derrel thomas signed his 1980 topps card, too
along with a 1984 topps card
thomas had previously signed some cards for me before taking a hiatus from signing.  he has started responding again to ttm requests so i took another shot.  as always, i am appreciative and thankful for all of the through the mail successes.

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