13 October 2011


one of the first people i sent a ttm request to when i began that faction of the hobby in 2009 was don aase.  i sent him a 1991 fleer card, a nice card showing him in sunny dodger stadium, and one of the few to show him in dodger duds.  i found out shortly thereafter that while mr. aase had signed some things in previous years, he was not responding to requests any longer.  no problem.

then, in august, his name popped up on sportscardforum with some successes.  so, i did what any guy who collects dodger and 1978 topps autographed cards would do and i sent him a couple of cards to sign.  he did, very nicely i might add.  here's a 1991 score
the black border looks great, as always.

here's his 1978 topps card
i didn't send a copy of that 1991 fleer card, though.  some things aren't meant to be.

thanks don!