09 October 2011

1995 double plays

not the number, the year.  there were a few decent dp shots in 1995 topps, and i'm trying to show some leading up to the best double play card tourney.  hopefully i'll get there.

here's jeff blauser at the old jack murphy stadium
pat kelly's card is a bit better
this is the third different pat kelly i can think of who played in the bigs.

jose lind's card is nice, too
thanks to cal ripken sliding in.  lind used to jump over people all of the time.  it was his schtick - like ozzie smith's backflip.

here's another jose - oquendo this time - with a different perspective on the turn
kinda looks like he's stepping on the poor cub player's neck

stadium club in 1995 had a couple of turns, too, like rafael belliard's card with fernando vina sliding in and mark lemke lurking
along with jody reed's card (his 1st day parallel, actually)
showing him throwing the ball directly at ken griffey jr's head apparently.

this one might be the best of the bunch from 1995 - it's mike bordick on his 1995 upper deck card
it's so nice i will also show bordick's 1993 upper deck sp card
slightly off centered photo, but still worth a look.

here's to you double play cards!

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