27 October 2011

ismael valdes, double dipper

ismael valdes and his blisters had a pretty decent run with the dodgers from 1994 through 1999.
he was 61-54 overall with an era of 3.38, but was considered expendable after two straight seasons with an era around 4.00.  so, after his 9-14 1999 season, the dodgers traded valdes and eric young (another dodger double dipper) to the cubs for terry adams and a couple of minor leaguers.
for the cubbies, valdes made 12 starts and had a record of 2-4.  his era was 5.37 after going 1-3 in four july starts, and the cubs cried uncle.  they sent him back to the dodgers for jamie arnold, jorge piedra and cash.  this meant that the dodgers had traded eric young, arnold, piedra and cash for terry adams and two minor leaguers.

valdes finished out the 2000 season as a dodger.
about the only highlight from valdes' return to the dodgers was his lone career home run which he hit in an august game against the expos. otherwise, valdes' second time around in la was a failure.  he was 0-3 in 9 games (8 starts) with an era just over 6.00.  after the season ended he signed a free agent deal with the angels and started the 'journeyman' portion of his career.

here's to you ismael valdes, dodger double dipper!

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