01 November 2010

world series game 4 recap

game 4 of the 1959 world series, that is. 
gil hodges led off the 8th inning with a home run to put the dodgers ahead 5-4.  larry sherry finished off the white sox and the dodgers were one win away from winning the title.  as an aside, rumor has it that the bat boy on the card is future dodger rookie of the year jim lefebvre.

it was nice of topps to get the key play represented on the card, unlike the card covering the first game
in a game that featured two home runs from ted kluszewski and a 11-0 shellacking of the dodgers, topps immortalizes an insignificant stolen base from the dodgers' first at bat of the series.  a steal, in fact, that may have taken the bat out of duke snider's hands as he walked with first base open after the steal.  it's as if the photographer attended the top of the first inning and then left.

anyway, back to game 4.  the white sox staved off elimination after losing game 4.  here's hoping the rangers can do the same.

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