19 November 2010

thorzulian group break bonanza!

it's a good thing when a plan comes together.  i had been essentially shut out of any hits (or many cards at all, for that matter) in some of thorzul's recent group breaks.  then along came his 2004 topps clubhouse collection and upper deck sp legendary cuts break.  i dutifully picked the dodgers, and wasn't disappointed.

first, the clubhouse collection:

here's chin feng chen
and his '20-sided die' jersey piece.  chen was at one time my baseball salvation, the guy who was going to bring the dodgers back to relevance.  he was replaced in that role by joel guzman who in turned got replaced by matt kemp.  i haven't let kemp relinquish that role.  yet.

you know it wouldn't be an early 2000's release without shawn green, right?
green was at one time my favorite player who also happened to be on my favorite team.  if i had bought the packs with these two cards in it back in '04, i would have been pretty happy.  but wait, there's more

how about jackie robinson?
it's a bat piece instead of a jersey or pants or whatever, but it it very cool.  i appreciate how topps went with the dodgers logo circa the 1950's for this card.  that is some decent detail.
there were no hits for me from the legendary cuts box, but i'm not disappointed.  i did get a nice johnnie b. baker,
big d,
johnny podres,
and steven patrick garvey
to complete my haul.

thanks for hosting thorzul!

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