01 November 2010

like father like son?

ivan dejesus played for the dodgers over 3 seasons beginning in 1974.  here he is as shown on his 1975 sspc card:
in all, dejesus hit .183 for the dodgers before he was traded with bill buckner to the cubs for mike garman and rick monday.  with bill russell firmly entrenched at short and buckner without a position, dejesus was expendable and the dodgers needed a center fielder.  a few years later, monday propels the dodgers to the world series and dejesus is traded again, along with a future hall of famer named ryne sandberg, to the phillies for larry bowa.

ivan's son, appropriately named ivan dejesus jr, is a minor leaguer in the dodger system.  here's his 2010 bowman 'topps 100' card.
he missed virtually all of the 2009 season due to an injury but had a decent 2010 campaign.  the question is, is he trade bait for that missing piece?  or is he the heir to the 6-hole?   with rafael furcal signed through 2011 (with a team option for 2012) i figure his replacement needs to be close at hand, and i don't think the dodgers feel that chin-lung hu is the guy.  what about dee gordon? i would guess that ned trades one or the other at some point for a middle reliever.  maybe he'll throw in a future hall of famer while he's at it like the cubs did.

only time will tell.

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steelehere said...

I think Dee Gordon is the shortstop of the future. Unless Dejesus is moved to second (I hope not), he'll be future trade bait.