24 November 2010

it's a big travel day, so 'leave the driving to us'

'leave the driving to us.'  i think that was greyhound's slogan.  maybe it still is - i haven't seen an ad lately.  i have seen lately, however, a complete 1976 heroes on the basepaths booklet produced by greyhound. 
you may recall that i stumbled across a davey lopes portrait card from that issue a while back.  that was a surprise, so i was fairly shocked to find this on ebay with a pretty low price.  let's look inside.

there's joe black, former dodger 'closer' and 1952 rookie of the year.
apparently, it was joe's idea for greyhound to sponsor an award for the league leaders in stolen bases each year. in 1976, that meant bill north and davey lopes won the award.  ron leflore and joe morgan were the runners up and are here just to fill space, i suppose, although they did receive plaques according to the text above.
so there's the lopes 'sliding' panel that i was missing.  here's a closeup.
the dodgers haven't had a player lead the league in steals since 1976.  i'm not sure if having lopes on the staff will change that, but it should help the team's success rate.

safe travels everyone!

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