09 November 2010

the numbers are all mixed up

my 2010 topps update dodger cards are trickling in - no joe collector break, so i have gone the ebay route.  the first card i picked up was the short print celebrating the 1952 brooklyn team that won the pennant (but lost the world series).
if topps continues with these short prints in 2011, i am hoping for some variety.  as much as i like duke, campy, pee wee and jackie, why not include some drysdale or sutton or even a frank robinson in a dodger uni just for kicks?  or even a steve garvey, although topps seems to be married to him as a padre given the cards they have produced in the past few years (with the exception of the '09 ring of honor and the card your mother threw out from this year's update, of course).
another card i picked up in an update insert lot was this octavio dotel gold parallel.
nice of topps to get dotel as a dodger since he didn't finish the season with them, even if it is a bad airbrush job.

what do i mean by 'bad'?  well, with both of these cards there is a big error.  look closely at the uniform numbers.  while i applaud topps for taking the time to colorize the short print photo (here's a similar photo for your reference), they forgot that the number on the front of the jerseys are red.  then, with dotel's photo, they got that right but forgot that the numbers on the back of the dodger jerseys are blue. 

close, topps.  try harder next time.

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