27 March 2010

pete lacock and jim colborn through the mail successes!

pete lacock and jim colborn were teammates on the 1977 al west champion kansas city royals, although lacock saw limited action in the alcs, and colborn didn't appear at all in the series even though he had won 18 games that year.

both of them, however, were kind enough to sign and return the cards i sent their respective ways.

1978 topps pete lacock
1978 topps jim colborn
1976 topps pete lacock
1976 topps jim colborn
while neither of these guys played for the dodgers (colborn was their pitching coach during the jim tracy era), they fit one of my ttm criteria of having a 1978 topps card.

colborn would go on to finish his career in seattle in 1978, while lacock stuck with the royals long enough to get to the world series in 1980.  these days, lacock is a minor league batting coach and currently awaiting enshrinement in the great sports name hall of fame (why he wasn't a charter member i do not know).  colborn, i believe, is pretty much retired having most recently been the bullpen coach for the rangers in 2008.

thanks pete and jim!

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