21 March 2010

leron lee through the mail success!

there is a guy who posts his through the mail successes on startiger.com with the line '(player) and i must be related - he kicks ass just like me' or something to that effect.  leron lee was one of those players for whom he wrote that inscription, and i would agree that leron lee kicks ass.

i was really happy to get these cards - a 1976 topps
and a 1970 topps -
back.  the 76 card is the only card (other than the 1990 target) of lee in a dodger uniform.  he spent the latter part of the 1975 season and all of 1976 with the dodgers, but he wasn't included in the 1977 topps set. lee, whose nephew is derrek lee, had a couple of big hits for the dodgers, including a walk-off double against the reds in 1975.  he singled in his final big league at bat.

in a related story, a certain dodger broadcaster will be seeing this card very soon...

thanks leron!

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Anonymous said...

Nice autographs. I just wrote to Lee a few weeks ago, so hopefully I'll get something back soon too.