12 March 2010

milton bradley through the mail success!

as part of my big spring training ttm push, i sent a couple of cards to milton bradley, c/o the mariners spring training facility in arizona.  about a week later, the cards came back:

2004 topps traded
and 2005 topps
complete with a lurking shawn green.

bradley was my favorite dodger in 2005 and i am hoping for a productive, non-destructive season for him in seattle.

thanks milton!


tastelikedirt said...

He was a favorite of mine when he was on the A's. Milton Bradley!

Mad Guru said...

Awesome. I was planning on mailing him this weekend.

M.Brown said...


Community Gum said...

Good thing your return address isn't Chicago otherwise who knows what he might have done with those cards.

As a Cubs fan, I'll say I feel he's being unfair to us and it's good to see he does appreciate fans enough to do TTMs.