23 March 2010

the bill singer 1973 topps card that should have been!

when bill singer was traded from the dodgers to the angels in the andy messersmith deal, he deserved better than what he got from topps in terms of his 1973 card
terribly airbrushed with a yellow jersey?  blecch.  come on, topps.  singer was one of the dodgers better pitchers during the late 60's and into the 70's.  his 247 strikeouts in 1969 is the best by a los angeles dodger not named koufax or drysdale.  his k/9 ratio is 10th on the franchise all time list, and he threw more innings than anyone on that list except for koufax.

so, i took a shot.  here is the 1973 topps bill singer card that should have been
the photo (found at steve's baseball photography pages) fits with the rest of the 1973 set, i think.

so, here's to you bill singer! you've got the card that should have been (but we're not giving back the andy messersmith card)

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