17 March 2010

cards from é rayhahn, rayhahn

so, it's saint paddy's day, and é rayhahn, rayhahn sounds celtic, so i figured this would be a good day to show some of the cards i received in a recent trade with the rhubarb runner.

i'm working on my 1971 set, and i have long coveted the 'brooks robinson searching for droids on tatooine' card.  now it is mine!
there were several 1971 cards, but here are just a couple that stand out to me - ron swoboda
and jim qualls
swoboda's ill-fitting, after the fact expos hat with his mets pinstripes, and quall's almost-magic hat and strange hair to sideburn transition are quite fascinating to me.  i could stare at these cards for hours.

i also received a card i needed for my (now complete) 1977 topps set - the astros team card
you can learn many things from a mid-70's team card.  for instance, this card shows us that jr richard was a giant among men and that the astros employed the oldest looking bat boy in the national league.

dodgers!  like a 2009 topps heritage derek lowe short print
and a 1996 topps hideo nomo
many thanks rhubarb runner!

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