09 April 2011

show me some emotion

1995 skybox emotion perplexes me.  wait, emotions are feelings, so perhaps i should say that i feel confused when i look at some of the cards from that set.  like this ismael valdes card
striding is not an emotion. maybe the set should be called 'skybox action'.  or, it could have been 'skybox adjective' and the text could have said 'dressed'.  it's silly.  of course, 1995 was a silly year all around for fleer.

anyway, you don't have to look to far to find an ismael valdes card from 1995 that is filled with some emotion.  take a look at his upper deck collector's choice card (silver signature parallel) from that year,
and you get all of the pure joy you could want on a baseball card.  plus, it features some lurking teammates such as cory snyder, tim wallach, and i would bet dollars to pasta that the left arm in front of tim wallach belongs to tommy himself, perhaps the most demonstratively emotional man to ever wear a dodger uniform.

next time someone asks me how i feel, i will say 'striding' and let them figure it out.

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