07 April 2011

nefarious no more

since the day i added the 'nefarious 9' to the blog sidebar, the card that occupied the top spot has been, until recently, the 2003 upper deck vintage kazuhisa ishii card.  it's a short print, of course, because the card companies had to capitalize on the speculators who were hoping for nomo v2.0.  instead, we got dave freisleben (no offense, mr. freisleben, you both just walked a bunch of guys your rookie season).  anyhoo, i recently picked up a copy of the card, so obviously a 1965 topps wannabe, and took it off the most wanted list.
now that this card is safely within my posession, the top spot has been awarded to the 2004 fleer greats of the game 'announcing greats' card featuring steve garvey and vin scully.  i already have one copy in my garvey collection, but would like one more.  i do admit, however, that the frost might be off the pumpkin on this one (or is it on?) so it may not really be my most wanted.

speaking of scully, i realized the other day that i never showed the 2010 goose joak originals i had created of the dodgers' hall of fame announcer.  i had meant to do a scully tribute post last season, but then he decided to return for the 2011 season and so there was no need.  so, here they are, a year late and several dollars short, i am sure.
i'm glad that i didn't need to write that post (yet).  so, here's to you, 2003 upper deck kaz ishii short print, and a very pleasant good evening to you, wherever you are mr. scully.


Justin McLeod said...

I may have to use those to send to Mr. Scully in a future TTM request. Do you mind?

gcrl said...

nope. good luck with your request. send $10 and pray. i am 1 for 3.