01 April 2011

introducing steve sax

first of all, let me say how awesome it was to see davey lopes back in dodger blue last night.  secondly, let me acknowledge how strange it was to see him wearing number 12!  i will have to avoid looking at his jersey number so as not to ruin the number association thing i have going on in my head.

lastly, let me say that it's time that i turn my focus, as i did in 1982, to a different member of the infield.  i give you the 1982 national league rookie of the year, steve sax.
when davey lopes was traded to the a's after the 1981 world series, i didn't know what to think.  once the following season began, it didn't take long for me to buy in to his replacement, though.  once garvey left, saxy became my favorite dodger, which made sense because i was starting to play more second base than anywhere else on the various teams i was playing for.

sax has been a target for ttm ever since i started sending cards out for autographs, and until recently i had come up empty each time.  then, out of the blue, he started signing.  he has signed a bunch of cards for me, including his rookie card trifecta - 1982 donruss
1982 fleer
and 1982 topps
i guess i won't be sending this one to ron roenicke.  that's ok, because i had already purchased a version signed by all three guys, complete with a steve sax fingerprint
he also signed a 1985 topps
1986 fleer (double play alert!)
1986 topps
1987 topps
1988 topps
and a 1989 fleer 1988 world series insert
the 1988 world series was sax's swan song as a dodger.  he hit an even .300 in that series after starting the dodgers' improbable year with a lead off home run against the giants.

i don't even mind having cards of sax as a yankee, like this 2005 upper deck yankees classics card
even though the infield of garvey cey russell sax was only together for one season, it's worth celebrating.  so - it's a new season, time for a new header and a new focus on the infield of 1982.



steelehere said...

This is probably a one year thing for Davey Lopes and #12 assuming the Dodgers don't resisn Rafael Furcal.
A bigger question is why are the Dodgers letting Aaron Miles wear #6.

gcrl said...

aaron miles is on the dodgers?