07 April 2011

bobby doerr ttm successes!

while i am a dodger fan, i did root for the red sox after the dodgers were eliminated in the 2004 postseason.  since then, i have, like many others, retracted any support for the bosox.  i don't think buck showalter should have apologized for his comments about theo epstein because i feel the same way.  the red sox are no different than the yankees now.

still, i can appreciate a hall-of-fame second baseman when i see one.  that's why i sent a few cards to former red sox second baseman bobby doerr a while back.

he signed all 3 - a 2002 fleer box score
 2003 upper deck sweet spot classic
 a 2007 upper deck masterpieces
and a 2008 upper deck goudey
to which he added a hof inscription.  doerr, who turns 93 years old today, last played in 1951, and was elected to the hall of fame by the veterans committee in 1986.  he has enjoyed 25 years as an official member of the cooperstown elite and i hope he enjoys a few more.

thank you and happy birthday mr. doerr!

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