13 March 2011

more scrap iron in the mail

a couple of weeks ago, i featured 4 cards that i had received signed by phil garner through the mail.  just yesterday, my third and final request was fulfilled.  i just couldn't resist asking him to sign a couple more cards because they are awesome.  first, there was his 1977 o-pee-chee variation:
then his entry in the 2004 upper deck legends timeless teams set
garner hit .500 in the 1979 series, which was his only series appearance.  i believe he holds the record for highest career world series batting average for those with 24 or more at bats (billy hatcher only had 12 official at bats in 1990).  both of the cards garner signed give good mustache.

another guy who gives good mustache and has signed for me through the mail before (and did so one last time) is bobby grich.  even though he also has a variation in the 1977 o-pee-chee set, i don't plan to send one to him as it's just not as drop dead awesome as garner's.  anyway, i did ask grich to sign his 2004 timeless teams card, and he did 
carl pavano can try all he wants, but they just don't make mustaches like that anymore.

thanks to mssrs. garner and grich!

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night owl said...

Wow, as much as I love the OPC card, that timeless teams card is a true masterpiece.