12 March 2011

a matter of perspective

i wish there were more cards like this 2004 topps preston wilson card.
i wish it were so, not because it features dodger stadium, or because the umpire is blurred, or because that may or may not be mike brito down in the dugout seats, or even because at first glance i thought the spectator in the front row was wearing thigh-high boots, but rather because it's a more familiar image.

the centerfield camera has long provided the primary view of televised baseball games, so this is the way most of us view the majority of the games we see each year.  beyond that, however, is that this is the way i used to see the game for about 24 years or so.  from little league to babe ruth to high school, through senior babe ruth and 18+ men's baseball, i played infield - mostly second and short.  i see a card like this and the shortstop in me instinctively shifts my weight to my left foot and watches the flight of the ball to the right side of the infield.  maybe shallow right.  i'm ready to cover second in case the ball falls in and wilson tries for two.  i enjoy that feeling, and love this card for connecting me to the game so well.

aside from the 2007 upper deck albert pujols card, i am hard pressed to think of another card featuring a centerfield camera shot.  anybody know of any others?  i would love to see and/or have them.

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