19 December 2010

today's secret ingredient is...rhubarb!

yes, it's battle rhubarb here at gcrl today.  i recently completed a trade with rhubarb runner at 'e rayhahn rayhahn' for the second or third time.  it's always fun to see what dodgers i get in exchange for some twinkies (not the hostess kind).  shall we begin?  allez cuisine!

2002 fleer ultra chan ho park jersey
big chan ho looks pretty ticked at full body chan ho.  but, as we shall see later, what this card has going for it is that it is all dodgers. there is no ambiguity.

2005 donruss diamond kings edwin jackson
i wonder how many times white sox 'announcer' hawk harrelson has called jackson 'e-jack' so far.  or worse.

1991 donruss mike hartley
as this card shows, the beauty of dodger stadium cannot be diminished, even on a 1991 donruss card.  still, let's cleanse the pallete with this card:

2010 upper deck dodger stadium
ah yes, a shot from the parking lot (the price gouging parking lot).  this is the right field corner, with the 'all you can eat' right field pavilion, palm trees, and the stadium club restaurant being showcased.  the visitor's bullpen is between the pavilion and the main part of the stadium.  that gagne poster means that this photo is likely from the mid-aughts.

2003 fleer ultra paul loduca

2008 upper deck a piece of history andruw jones jersey (with torii hunter)
here's where things get strange.  a brave and a twin.  no, sorry, that's a dodger and an angel.

2009 upper deck rafael furcal jersey
a brave?  well, at least the dodgers logo is more prominent than the text on that jones card.

2009 upper deck a piece of history rafael furcal jersey
now this is more like it.

thanks david!

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Hey, you bet -- and thank you! Have a great holiday season