08 December 2010

catching up is hard to do

dick farrell (aka turk) was featured as a philadelphia phillie, both by image and by team affiliation, on his 1960 topps card.  all was right with the world.  in may of 1961, however, the phillies traded farrell to the dodgers, and topps had enough time to note the transaction with his 1961 card.
there was no time to airbrush the hat or scour the photo archives for a hatless photo.  farrell the phillie became a dodger in text only.  he finished the 1961 season in los angeles with 6 wins and 10 'saves'.

topps clearly learned from their miscues, as they were sure to get a hatless photo of farrell during his dodger tenure.  it came in handay, as farrell was selected by the houston colt .45's in the expansion draft held in october of 1961.  still, it is obvious on farrell's 1962 topps card
that he is a colt in dodgers' clothing.  luckily for topps (and for those who prefer the photos to match the team listed on the card) farrell stayed in houston and was properly featured on his 1963 topps card.
for the first time since 1960, topps caught up with turk farrell.  after a few seasons in houston (in which his topps cards were consistent with photo and team designation), farrell returned to philadelphia via a trade during the 1967 season.

which brought the return of a hatless farrell, this time in astros threads, for his 1968 topps card
i will salute topps for not recycling the 1961 phillies image and going with what was very likely a 1967 photo of farrell.

here's to you turk!  glad we could catch up.

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