31 December 2010

one of these dodgers is not like the others

2004 donruss throwback threads card takes us back in time to 1955, when dem bums ruled the baseball world.  there was the little admiral, pee wee reese at short, the silver fox, duke snider in center, and an older gray haired fellow named tommy lasorda who pitched them to victory.
right?  i am guessing that johnny podres was supposed to have been used but didn't sign off on the idea.  or maybe sandy koufax, although he wasn't that big of a part of the championship team.  that's why donruss had to scramble to find a photo - any photo - of lasorda.  after all, he only pitched a total of 4 innings over 4 games for the dodgers in 1955 before, as he claims it to be, he was replaced on the roster by the bonus baby koufax.  yes, i am sure that's what happened over at donruss in 2004.

so, as we look ahead to 2011, let's take one last look - and let's look correctly - back at 1955.  or, at least how donruss would have had us see it.
as they said in 1954 (and every year before), wait 'til next year!