16 December 2010

i was joe collector

color me disappointed, as i am joe collector discontinued his monthly box breaks.  it had taken me a while to get the dodgers claimed, so i was bummed.  still, i did manage to get some good cards for the few months that the boys in blue belonged to me.  here's some stuff from the last two monthly group breaks.

2010 topps 206 chad billingsley
chad kind of sums up my mood regarding the end of the breaks.  hatless and morose.

andre ethier
we have evolved from the hands behind the back, but still not too happy.

rafael furcal
still not pleased, but at least some color is creeping back in.

hey, here's the back of a furcal mini! 
jeff had to send the original pull back to topps due to some printing damage.  topps replaced it quickly, and jeff got it to me with the next month's bounty.

clayton kershaw
ok, i am happy with the cards and that furcal mini. 

hiroki kuroda bronze parallel
boring parallels make me feel indifferent, like hiroki here.

jackie robinson
ok, happy again.

the final break included a box of 2010 topps chrome.  i got most of the dodgers, including

john ely base
and auto!
plus matt kemp doing his ken griffey jr impersonation
and jon link
i still have a ways to go to get my link collection up to night owl standards, though.

thanks jeff for hosting the breaks!  they will be, and already are, missed.

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Tony said...

These are horrible looking cards. Kind of reminds me of first year Fleers.