29 July 2010

a scotty pods welcome, goose joak style

ned made a move.  not for pitching, but for another outfielder - this time it's scott podsednik.  while i recognize that manny and reed johnson are out, and that garret anderson is performing exactly as we all expected, i am still kinda surprised by this move.  i would suggest giving xavier paul as many at bats as possible and only make this move if the pitching is upgraded first.  without pitching, we're not going anywhere.  on the flip side, podsednik's wife will now become the most blogged about dodger wife since jose lima sang the national anthem.

here's a quick 2010 goose joak original (o-pee-chee style!) that i whipped up for pods.
there are also a bunch of goose joaks that i have been meaning to display, but haven't gotten around to it.  here are some of them.  a lot of these photos are from the marlins series early in the season.  that's how long they've been hanging around.  the photos are either getty images or from jon soohoo, the dodgers' official photographer.  enjoy.  or at least tolerate.

jeff weaver
tough night last night.

carlos monasterios.
dodgers are 5-2 in his starts. 

russell martin.
at this point, i would rather have carlos santana back.  sorry russ.

hiroki kuroda
i am really hoping he can put together a string of good starts in august and september, but he's already made as many starts this year as he did all of last year.

charlie haeger.
i don't think we'll see him back in the bigs this year.

reed johnson
our fourth outfielder is still backing up manny.  too bad he's doing it on the dl.


Dodgerbobble said...

Ned needs to go out and get pitching now. That Dodger bullpen is god-awful.

I like all the cards. Did you make a John Ely card?

gcrl said...

hey db - here's a link to the ely i made a while back


Dodgerbobble said...

GRCL - Nice. Unless Ned makes a trade for a starter, it looks like Ely will start Saturday. I hope he bounces back.