24 July 2010

gint-a-cuffs pack 1 and box loader

i am sure this will be an effort in futility as my box was pretty sucky.  it seems that the scoring is a bit of a moving target but i'll give it a shot.  not a whole lot of commentary as you have seen these cards quite a bit already, i am sure.

here's my box loader and first pack.
n43 box loader - justin upton.  +5
ivory crockett.
stephen drew mini sp.  +3
martin prado.
yadier molina.
jesus flores.
this day in history joey votto/lou brock.  +1, +2 (fp)
colby rasmus.
scott feldman.

so, if i did my math right and understand the scoring, i got a whopping 6 points from the pack and 5 points for the box loader.

the prado card is pretty cool, but the rest are just kind of bleh.

running score:  11

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Play at the Plate said...

I like the Prado too. Good luck!