03 July 2010

cards from andrew

it's awesome to get emails with trade offers from readers.  it's more awesome when the offer includes some vintage dodger greatness!  such was the case recently when andrew contacted me.  he's a fellow dodger fan and collector, so we were able to put together a trade pretty quickly.  check out some of the cards he sent.

1960 topps gil hodges!
happy gil to boot.  his penultimate dodger card, and one of the few i didn't already have.  gil wouldn't be smiling much after this as his production took a huge drop in 1960 and never really recovered.  still, he was gil hodges, so he had that going for him.

1960 topps larry sherry
larry sherry was coming off of a stellar performance in the 1959 world series in which he won 2 games and saved the other 2 dodger victories, earning the series mvp award along the way.

1986 leaf bob welch
i don't post enough welch cards.  this is a nice dodger stadium shot of the kid who struck out reggie to end game 2 of the 78 world series.  awesome.  welch had an odd year in 86 - he pitched well but without much support as his 3.28 era, 1.19 whip, and 7-13 record would indicate.

1987 leaf orel hershiser
another dodger stadium shot!  orel would go 16-16 in 1987 with a save and just 1 shutout as a warmup for his fantastic 1988 season.  whoda thunkit?

1989 fleer mike scioscia all star insert
scioscia really was an all star in 1989 (and 1990, too) but this card is based on 1988 happenings.  gary carter and lance parrish were the official all stars in 1988, but i'm glad fleer threw some love to the plate-blocking, dwight gooden busting scioscia.

2010 topps manny ramirez toppstown
manny has quietly got his average up to .322 and his ops is currently .937.  i am really hoping for a big second half from him as he chases his next contract.

thanks andrew!

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