31 July 2010

gint-a-cuffs packs 5 through 8

i'm sitting on 40 points after 4 packs.  i am hoping that these next four will more than double that.  here's pack 5:
hideki matsui.
daniel mccutcheon.
jason bay.
joel pineiro.
drew stubbs.
ricky nolasco sp.  +2
will venable black bordered mini.  +3
this day in history mariano rivera/warren commission.  +1, -1

total pack 5:  5


on to pack 6:
jacoby ellsbury.
josh willingham.
jayson werth.
orlando hudson.
ryan doumit sp.  +2
national animals - botswana (zebra).  +2
this day in history cc sabathia/neil armstrong.  +1, -1

stupid yankees.

total pack 6:  4

i'm regressing.

lucky pack number 7:
pablo sandoval.
randy wolf.
andy pettitte.
grady sizemore.  +2 (fp)
ubaldo jimenez relic.  +12
adam wainwright mini.
this day in history josh hamilton/charles lindbergh.  +1

total pack 7:  15

pack 8:
hank presswood.  +2
carl pavano.
kurt suzuki.
jimmy rollins.
jon lester.
francisco liriano sp.  +2
roy halladay mini.  +2 (fp)
this day in history hunter pence/handel.  +1
crack the code promo (not shown).

total pack 8:  7

total dodgers pulled after 1/3 of the box:  0

running total:  71

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