10 December 2008

some more plays at the plate

2008 topps update & highlights brian mccann allstar card.that is, of course, justin morneau who is claiming to be safe at the 2008 all star game. was he really safe? i don’t know. i was asleep. i think everyone just wanted the game to be over.

1993 upper deck lance parrish. judging by the umpire’s posture, cecil fielder is about to be called out as lance parrish holds his mitt high in triumph. From the dirt on his uniform, i am guessing cecil tried a head first slide, or perhaps just steamrolled into home plate.

2004 upper deck mike hampton. this is from the july 23, 2003 game. alex gonzalez is out 2-1 in the 7th. not sure if it was a passed ball or wild pitch because the advancing runner was out. amazingly, hampton did not go on the dl after this play!

2004 playoff honors jorge posada.

it's alex gonzalez of the marlins again, but he looks like he will avoid this tag. this is from the 2003 world series. i think this card sums it up for posada and the yankees. close, but no cigar.


night owl said...

Loved the 2003 World Series.

And on last season's All-Star Game. Are you kidding? I didn't want it to end. I was there for the entire thing. Great game, except for the result (and the broadcasters whining about the pitchers).

Gellman said...

Mauer's 2008 or 2007 UD base card is a play at the plate. FYI, if you collect those.

gcrl said...

yup, the 2006 mauer is a play at the plate. at dodger stadium, no less!