06 December 2008

giants of the earth, or at least of dodger stadium

let's start by saying that 1984 fleer lacked photographic creativity. well, maybe not the glenn hubbard card.

take a look at these giants. the photographer knew that the yellow field level seats at chavez ravine would make the ideal backdrop for a photo, but then decided not to mix it up. once again, team collectors lament the monotony…

mike krukow.
close to being behind home plate, i believe. notice the dugout seats which put you at the actual field level behind him. so, it's krukow with the empty stands. and a button for his cap. he is the reason i play(ed) mvp '06 with the commentary turned off.

greg minton. more of the dugout seats and a couple of fans, captured on cardboard. i have to believe the photographer intentionally included the fans. he could have asked minton to move to his left if he had wanted to avoid them. by the way, nice chest hair, mr minton.

gary lavelle. now we've moved to the dugout itself. with a few more fans and an usher. you gotta love the dodger stadium ushers in the skirts and straw hats. wait a minute, is that greg minton and his hairy chest in the stands?!?

somewhere there are giant fans and team collectors that have to endure the glory of dodger stadium every time they look through their 1984 fleer cards. that makes me smile.


Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to start a collection of cards featuring a Dodger Stadium background.

Anonymous said...

that's sick. sick and wrong. you sure have a good eye though; how can you even tell it's dodger's stadium?