25 December 2008

an ornament, perhaps?

this card is on its way to mark at stats on the back. he needed a gil hodges mets (as a player) card, and i happened to have this 1962 beauty.the mets have retired his number, but the dodgers have not. except for jim gilliam, the dodgers only retire numbers for hall of famers. they will sometimes "hold" the number, as they did for a long time with steve garvey's 6 (retired by the padres, by the way) and fernando's 34. hodges missed out on the hall again this year, but, as they said in brooklyn: wait 'til next year!

just to tie this in to the day, i like to think that whoever had this card punched the hole in it so as to string a ribbon and hang it on the christmas tree. so, merry christmas mark - and everyone else!

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James said...

This is one of my favorite Mets cards too. Do they have any Gil Hodges "manager" cards? I'd like to see a card of Hodges removing Cleon Jones from LF during the 7/30 double header in 1969.