08 December 2008

awkward is as awkward does

i first pulled this card because i thought it might have been a double play. it's tim foli's 1980 topps card. it's more than likely a joel youngblood stolen base attempt at home against the pirates (such as the successful one he had on 9/9/79 - thanks baseball reference!). the reason i kept it, though, is because both foli and youngblood look so awkward executing their ends of the play. it reminds me of a little league play.

foli appears to be afraid of the ball or youngblood or both, and youngblood's strangely contorted arms indicate a lack of grace or fluidity to his slide.

foli and youngblood were teammates in 1979 until mid-april when foli went to the pirates. you would think they would have been more comfortable around each other as a result.

it looks like you would be wrong.

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