26 February 2013

jamie hoffmann double dipped

jamie hoffmann is a dodger double dipper even though he has never appeared in the major leagues for any team other than the dodgers.  it may seem strange to you that i do not consider the likes of shane victorino or ted lilly or scott proctor to be dodger double dippers because they never appeared in a big league game as a dodger before they were sent to other teams only to eventually return.  nor do i consider ramon martinez (pedro's brother) or willie crawford or tommy lasorda to be dodger double dippers because they never appeared in a big league game as a dodger after returning to the franchise, yet i do consider someone like denny lewallyn to be a dodger double dipper, even though he did not appear in a major league game for another franchise in between his stints as a dodger.  still, he left the organization after appearing in the big leagues as a dodger, and appeared in a major league game as a dodger after returning to the fold.  make sense?  well, such is the case of jamie hoffmann.

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hoffmann was signed by the dodgers as an amatuer free agent in 2003, and made his big league debut with them in 2009.  here's a gold parallel version of his 2009 topps update card
over the course of 14 games that year, hoffmann went to the plate 24 times and had 4 hits, three of which were for extra bases - two doubles and a home run.  he also had 2 sacrifice flies and 7 rbi in total.  after the season ended, the washington nationals selected him in the rule 5 draft and immediately sent him to the yankees as the player to be named later in an earlier deal between the two teams.  during spring training in 2010, hoffmann was returned to the dodgers by the yankees.  he spent the entire year at aaa albuquerque, hitting .310 with 8 homers and 74 rbi.  the next year, he was hitting .297 with 22 home runs and 84 rbi, which earned him a callup to the big club.  in 2 games with the dodgers, hoffmann was 0 for 4, but he was officially a dodger double dipper in my eyes.  since there are no cards of hoffmann as a yankee, and i don't think there have been any cards made for him since 2009, here's a chrome refractor version of the card i showed up top.
since his return to the dodgers, hoffmann has been selected off of waivers by the rockies (december 2011), signed as a free agent with the orioles (march 2012), and signed as a free agent with the mets (november 2012), but he has yet to resurface in the majors.  he's only 28 though, so there's still time for him to join juan castro as the only triple dipper in dodger history.  make it happen, ned!

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