25 June 2011

thinking of sox

a while back (as in a few months ago), i received a package from thoughts of sox.  it was an 'out of the blue' package, but contained lots of blue.  with a small amount of red.  and fuschia, as seen on this 1995 topps archives brooklyn dodgers clem labine 1952 topps reprint.
perhaps topps used a photo from labine's senior portraits as a base for this card.  labine, of course, was the dodgers' "closer" for many years before moving on to the tigers and pirates before finishing his career as a member of the expansion mets in 1962.  he won three world championships - with brooklyn in 1955, la in 1959, and pittsburgh in 1960.  i only need a couple more cards from this set.  maybe by the end of the year it will be complete.

here's some red (sox).  a 1971 topps high number tom satriano
i love the old school shin protector in the background.  tom satriano don't need no catcher's gear!  satriano played most of his career with the angels, starting in 1961 with the expansion club.  only the last two seasons of his career were spent in boston.  in fact, this 1971 card is a final tribute, as satriano hung up the spikes after the 1970 campaign.  i need quite a few cards, especially high numbers, to complete this set.  i'll probably look to win a medium grade lot on ebay to knock out a bunch for what is hopefully a low price.

here's a 2007 upper deck first edition juan pierre
he looks like he is wearing a mask like brian hunter on his silly 1999 topps card.  no, it's just shadow, but that is a cubs jersey pierre is wearing.  this is a dodger card in name only, but that's enough for me.

i'll just show a couple more cards that adam sent, although there were more than just 5 cards in the package.  the last two are dueling jeff kents from 2005 topps update and highlights.
kent spent the last 4 years of his career in la, and was certainly worthy of his all-star selection in 2005.  that year, he hit .289 while scoring 100 runs and driving in 105.  he was the dodgers' primary second baseman for all 4 of his seasons in la (even though he missed a bunch of games in 2006 to injury) and he never hit below .280. today, the dodgers are still searching for his replacement three seasons after his retirement.  there are rumors that rafael furcal may return as a second baseman when he comes off the dl, but i'm not sure that's the solution.  maybe if he starts reading motocross magazines in the clubhouse...

thanks adam!  i'll get some cards out to you soon.

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