05 June 2011

tastes like chicken

tom baker pitched for the dodgers in the mid 1930's, amassing a record of 2-9 in 53 games for the blue.  baker was also one of the few players who have been traded from the dodgers to the giants, as he finished up his career at the polo grounds in 1938.  he is obviously, however, best remembered for his nickname.
luckily for me, the back of the card explains how baker got his reptilian nickname, although one might be tempted to call bs.  apparently, baker told a tale in which he came across an ornery rattlesnake on a road in his native texas.  the snake lunged at his car and embedded its fangs in one of his tires and the escaping air caused the snake to inflate like a balloon and it eventually 'exploded in (baker's) face.' 

bs baker might have been a better nickname.

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Twitch said...

Haha, Dig Dug style.