03 June 2011

i'd like to buy kevin elster a beer

i did send him $3 a couple of years ago, but that was along with a ttm request (he charges a buck per card).  maybe he bought a cold one with that money - who knows?

anyway, elster was convinced by dodger skipper davey johnson to come out of retirement for the 2000 season, and in his first game since july 30, 1998, elster suited up as the dodgers' shortstop on april 3, 2000 against the expos.  although he was hitless in that game, he hit safely in his next 3 games heading into san francisco 8 days later.  it was on april 11 when the giants officially opened pac bell/at&t park in a game against their rivals, and kevin elster stole the show.

elster, the number 8 hitter, hit 3 home runs that day as the dodgers beat the giants 6-5.  elster's first home run was the first ever hit in the stadium, denying barry bonds (who homered the following inning) from achieving that honor.  good times all around.  but, before i get too excited about elster essentially claiming enemy turf as his own and forget that this is a card blog, here are the cards elster signed for me - 2001 topps
his 'final tribute' as he retired for good following the 2000 season.

a 2001 upper deck victory
and just for good measure, a 1989 upper deck
thanks kevin!

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