31 July 2009

my magnificent 7 (or is it the nefarious 9?)

i am stealing this idea from dan at saints of the cheap seats, who stole it from the collective troll. no shame in stealing a good idea. anyway, these are the 7 cards that are mocking me from afar, yet to join my collection. if you have any of them and can help me out, please let me know.

1 - 2003 topps tribute perennial all-star #10 roberto clemente - i need this one to complete the set.

2 - 1976 topps #5 tom seaver record breaker - not the only card i need from the 1976 set, but i hate having an empty space on the first page in the binder.

3 - 2003 upper deck vintage #81 kazuhisa ishii - a short print in this awesome 1965 topps knock-off set.

4 - 1975 topps #473 ken mcmullen the one i have in my dodger collection is horribly disfigured as you can see.

5 - 1974 opc #575 steve garveyi have one in my garvey collection, but am missing only this card in the 1974 opc dodger collection.

6 - 2008 topps heritage high numbers #696 mark sweeney - a late season issue, and a short print at that.

7 - 1997 dodgers mother's/1997 dodgers police/1998 dodgers police sets, but specifically bill russell since these are his only cards as the dodgers' manager.

8 - 1976 sspc #594 checklist 6 (ralph branca, carl erskine, pee wee reese). some nice oldtimers from a non-descript set.

9 - 1977 topps cloth sticker checklist (national league all-stars, middle card, middle row). the one with bill russell and steve garvey and half of rick rhoden, among others.

wait, that's nine. oh well, they're all driving me crazy!

let me know if you can help me out with any of these!


Captain Canuck said...

'75 #473.... I got, you want?

I'll add it to the trade pile and ship it out in the next batch.

gcrl said...

thanks cap'n. i sent a package your way a few days ago and will post about the stuff you sent me shortly.

Billy Suter said...

Once again, you and the Cap'n make it hap'n! :-P