07 July 2009

1978 topps richie zisk - the card that should have been!

i have a thing for justice. not the kids' clothing store, but justice in the 'meanwhile, at the hall of justice' way. that's why, after reading about richie zisk being denied the all-star designation on his 1978 topps card, i was spurred to act.

in 1977, the american league all-star game starters were:

jim palmer, carlton fisk, rod carew, willie randolph, rick burleson, george brett, carl yastrzemski, reggie jackson, and richie zisk. at the time, zisk was in the midst of his only season with the white sox. after the 1977 season, he signed a free agent deal with the rangers, and topps airbrushed all the southside goodness off of his 1978 card.the problem is, they even took away his all-star shield! the shield is one of my favorite things about the 1978 set, which as you may know is my favorite set. now, this is not the first time an all star starter has changed teams, but in the two instances i can think of (bobby murcer and jim wynn), topps didn't take away the all-star designation on the card. murcer even changed leagues, and was still listed as an american league all-star as a giant!

so, here is richie zisk's justice. the 1978 topps card that should have been.

i didn't go the extra mile and put him back on the white sox - maybe steve will give that a shot.

here's to you, richie zisk!


Steve Gierman said...

Ahh, an idea for a rainy day. Nice job with the All-Star shield.

GOGOSOX60 said...

I think the 1977 Kelloggs 3-D card may have him in a White Sox uni....that's one player I wish Topps would have in an Archive set.