20 January 2015

one last oddball from the steve garvey oddball binder

one of the holes in my steve garvey oddball collection was finally filled last week when i found an unused mcgregor clothes tag featuring garvey with a very low bin on ebay.  check out the fashionista
the definitive garvey checklist on beckett lists this as a 1984 mcgregor clothes tag. it's from a pair of pants, but i believe that the garv adorned tags for sweats and other mcgregor products as well.  so, there are other variations out there, but one is enough for my collection.

as i recall from reading an issue of sports illustrated, garvey was a big polo/ralph lauren guy, so i don't know if he really got his mcgregor's on, but you have to admit that this makes for a pretty cool oddball. here's the whole tag, which folds in half just above the picture.

i like how garvey has adopted the 1981 fleer steve howe pose, too.

coming soon - the start of the (mostly) regular card issue garvey binders posts.  get ready!


MrMopar said...

Wish I knew you needed one. I have a ton of dupes in various sizes.

BobWalkthePlank said...

That is awesome!