09 December 2013

contest time! who wants to win a 1952 topps card for christmas?

alright, so the garv didn't get voted in to the hall of fame today.  that's ok - it wasn't expected (congrats to bobby cox, tony larussa, joe torre, by the way), but he is still worth celebrating.  so...

december 22 is steve garvey's 65th birthday.  how is it that my boyhood idol is that old?  and what does that mean regarding my own mortality?  while i ponder the meaning of life and reflect on the passage of time, i would like to see as many garvey cards posted on the blogs on the nl iron man's big day as possible.  to help make that happen, i will offer up a 1952 topps card from one of these teams

saint louis browns
boston red sox
chicago white sox
cleveland indians
detroit tigers
new york yankees
philadelphia a's
washington senators
chicago cubs
cincinnati reds
milwaukee braves
new york giants
philadelphia phillies
pittsburgh pirates
saint louis cardinals

(sorry, no brooklyn dodgers)

as a prize to be given out a randomly selected blogger who successfully does the following:
  1. sometime on 12/22/13, publish a post featuring a steve garvey card - dodger or padre - it doesn't matter
  2. have the words 'happy birthday steve garvey' in the post title - that doesn't have to be the whole title
  3. link back to my blog main page - garveyceyrusselllopes.blogspot.com - in the post
  4. on the 22nd, provide a link to your post in the comment section on this post with the team of your choosing from the list above
  • bonus task - hype this contest on your blog and leave a link to your hype-post in the comments on this post and get a second entry in the randomization
on 12/23/13, i will select a winner via random.org and will mail out a 1952 topps card to that lucky person.  why 1952?  because that's the closest year to garvey's birth year from which i have cards to send out!

make sense?  then get to scanning/photographing/image-lifting a garvey card!  i think it would be cool to see blog rolls filled with garvey goodness!
don't you?

i will post some reminders between now and the 21st, but only comments and links left on this post on the 22nd will count.


defgav said...

Sweet. I'm gonna need to remember to do this!

The Junior Junkie said...

Didn't I see a Connie Ryan card in that '52 mix in your last post?

Definitely in!

The Junior Junkie said...

I promoted this contest!


Daniel Wilson said...

I promoted your contest here:


Mark Aubrey said...

A bit on the late side, but I've plugged the contest here.

Anonymous said...

Promoted and a happy birthday wished.

Daniel Wilson said...

Here is my happy birthday to Steve Garvey post.


New York Giants

Thanks for the contest!

P-town Tom said...

Just catching up on my readings, so no plug, but I did get a post in!


The Angels In Order said...

Its a glorious day!

Milwaukee Braves


Matt Runyon said...


New York Giants :)

Red Cardboard said...


There ya go. We are all shameless.

Cincinnati Reds, all day.

Fuji said...

Thanks for the contest. Here's my happy birthday Mr. Garvey post:


The Diamond King said...

Contest is rockin so far!!


St. Louis Browns for me!

Mark Kaz said...

Count me in! (Detroit Tigers, please)


Wilson said...

Here's my post:

Also I promoted it a few days ago:

Dhoff said...

Here it be: http://cootvealandthevealtones.blogspot.com/2013/12/happy-birthday-steve-garvey-youre-not.html

Mark Aubrey said...

My post is here.

I'd gladly take a St. Louis Brown should I win.

Thanks for the contest.

The Prowling Cat said...

I wanna play...

the card you send I'll leave up to you as I just want to join in.

The Junior Junkie said...

Your contest seems to be a rousing success! Lots of Happy Birthday posts....


Anonymous said...

I forgot to say what team I wanted...the Cincinnati Reds of course!

The Lost Collector said...



defgav said...

I wished Garvey a happy birthday at the bottom of my 12 Days of Christmas Cards post today (Art Monk).. http://baseballcardbreakdown.blogspot.com/2013/12/12-days-of-christmas-cards-9th-day-art.html

I guess I'd go with the Yankees. or Red Sox maybe?

Thanks for the contest!

MrMopar said...

I don't believe I followed the rules quite as you explained, so for that I don't mind if my entry is invalid. I have a number of 52 Topps cards anyways. however, I will share here that i posted about the garb's birthday and did mention your blog too.

Good luck to all!


Nick said...

I'm sure you've covered the topic before here, but here's a "sunset" post for Mr. Garvey's birthday.


Put me down for the Browns, please. Thanks for the contest!

Alex Markle said...

Thanks for the contest!


Play at the Plate said...

My birthday wishes are posted here:


I'll say Senators.

madding said...



DodgerPenguin said...

Thank you for running a contest. I also run some from time to time so if you would be kind as to take a look at mine as well. Not picky on card, any will be fine


night owl said...


I'll take a Brownie.

petethan said...

Here's my post:


And I'll go with the Pirates, hoping it's either Monty Basgall (future Dodger coach) or Pete Castiglione (featuring what would be my oldest Grips card).

Thanks for the contest!