02 December 2013

a mayoral memorial patch

bob o'connor was the 58th mayor of pittsburgh.  he began his term in january of 2006, and just a few months later was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer.  he passed away on september 1, 2006.  for the remainder of the season, the pirates wore a 'bob' patch on their jerseys.  you can see it on brian rogers' 2007 upper deck card
along with the all-star game patch.  sadly, o'connor was diagnosed just a day before his city hosted the midsummer classic.  o'connor had mentioned the all-star game in his inaugural address as a motivator to 'redd up' the city, but he was unable to attend the game due to his illness.

this 2007 upper deck ultimate collection ian snell card
will represent the bob o'connor memorial patch in the collection.

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Play at the Plate said...

I'm enjoying these as I never really paid that much attention to the patches. Keep 'em coming.