30 October 2013

hooray for hollywood! and triple threads, too, i suppose.

today is the day - the day that topher at crackin' wax busts his case of 2013 topps triple threads.  i took the dodgers, and i am hoping for some nice hits.  perhaps something along the lines of this 2011 topps triple threads card i recently acquired.
that's steve garvey, duke snider, sandy koufax, clayton kershaw, andre ethier, and matt kemp all on the front.  here's the guts of the card
with another look at the front and back
garvey seems a bit out of place on the card - gil hodges or pee wee reese might have made more sense - but i am in no way complaining.  this is one of a few new-ish additions to my garvey collection which will slowly make their way to a post or several.  for now, i'm hoping to post some cool stuff from 2013 triple threads in the very near future!

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