22 October 2013

a common mistake

i recently took a quick look at justcommons.com and saw some cheaply priced dodger relics.  i quickly snapped up a few from 2013 topps' chasing history insert set - carl crawford
adrian gonzalez
and gary sheffield
except i didn't realize that sheff had chasing history cards for the yankees (and the marlins) as well as the dodgers.  oops.  i wish that the site had photos of the cards like comc does.

i also picked up a 2003 bowman draft & prospects joe thurston bat
and a 2005 topps pristine scott elbert sticker auto
elbert missed most of 2013 due to injury, but did pitch a few games in the minors.

to finish off the package, i snagged a couple of josh willingham autos from 2013 panini pinnacle
and prizm
i won't keep these for too long - i had a couple other collectors in mind when i purchased these.

overall, i will probably still gravitate to sportlots most of the time, but might return to justcommons - as long as i know who is a dodger and who isn't.

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CaptKirk42 said...

Nice pickups. I've looked at just commons but haven't bought there yet. I agree about wishing they had the card images.

I have spent way way too much over the years at sportlots and something keeps bringing me back there even though for the regular store items (they have auctions as well) there are very few images the prices are usually pretty good, except most stuff comes in PWEs no matter what the card sale value, unless you buy a bunch of cards from one seller that are too much to fit in a PWE. Or I guess pay the more expensive shipping cost. Their auctions more often have pictures but not always depends on the seller sometimes.