07 January 2013

the bronze age

i'm taking a break from the double play dumping today.  there are only three more posts, and i have been neglecting some other things.  namely, my other (active) blog, timeless teams.  it returns later today from its holiday hiatus with the post focusing on the 1981 world champion los angeles dodgers.

until then, here are a few of the bronze parallel cards i have in my collection.  the bronze is the #/50 parallel set, in case you were wondering.  here's the 1980 subset card of steve garvey - front
and back
1980 jerry reuss - front
and back
and 1981 mike scioscia - front
and back
aside from the other garvey, cey, russell and lopes parallels, the one i am most on the lookout for is the 1974 al downing card.  that's because it's a memorable moment card (like the 1977 steve garvey card).  those cards got a pretty radical treatment for their parallels.  take a look at the brooks robinson memorable moment card from the 1970 baltimore orioles subset to see what i mean.  here's the front
and back
right now brooksie is the only one of these that i own, but i hope to have the garvey and downing in my collection someday.  then i'll worry about the gold parallels...

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MrMopar said...

For some ridiculous reason, those are practically impossible to find. Considering a print run of 50, which these days is like 10,000 copies from the 1993 days, it almost seems like one of those deals where they started off to print 50 and never made it and only a few trickled out.

I think you have the one Garvey that I never found in bronze, but I am not sure w/o checking. I have the 4 autos in both gold and regular, all 4 gold parallels, 3 of 4 bronze and all of the "silver" base...one short of a complete run! I even have one of the 1/1 parallels...