01 January 2013

2000 zero zero party's over oops out of time

once again, happy new year.  i had hoped that i would be done with the double play dump today, but there are just too many of them.  expect to see folks turning two for a few more days.  here are some double play turns from 2000 (and beyond).

2000 pacific ray durham
2000 skybox jay bell
2000 topps carlos febles
2000 topps mike lansing
2000 topps ron belliard
there's that nice 'second basman taking it himself' play that i like to see.  also, notice the brewer logo that is shown on bellieard's series 2 card, and compare it to the one on the series 1 cards of jose valentin
and fernando vina
did the brew crew change their logo and topps not realize it?

here's enrique wilson's 2000 topps card
complete with the chief wahoo logo

now some 2000 upper deck dp turns, courtesy of bret boone
and mike caruso
and rey sanchez
and a 2000 upper deck victory card featuring carlos febles
who is appearing in this post for the second time.

moving on to 2001, here's a fleer ultra card of edgardo alfonzo
and an 'extreme action' insert of nomar garciaparra from 2001 pacific private stock,
a somewhat pedestrian 2001 topps kurt abbott card,
a 2001 topps stadium club carlos febles card (yes, him again),
and a 2001 topps stadium club warren morris card
that's a good one to end this post on.  more to come in four hours' time.

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