11 November 2012

recognizing roy

it was good to see former dodger and army sergeant roy gleason get some recognition from tristar last year.  here are a couple of cards from 2011 tristar obak that i picked up a while back
including a regular 
and a mini of gleason in his army uniform
here's a previous veteran's day post with links to roy's story, if you are not familiar.  i recently found some custom cards made by bobw, who has done some pretty fantastic work.  he made a couple of 1963 topps style cards like this  one
 as well as some 1969 cards
i have renewed my sponsorship of gleason's baseball reference page which is really a silly kind of way to recognize his service.  still, it helps me think of veterans like roy every day, not just on veteran's day.

to roy and to all vets - thank you for your service.

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