19 October 2010

no cereal with this post

i recently came across this 1963 post duke snider card at the local card show. 
for less than the cost of a box of shredded wheat, i got this somewhat shredded card.  while i am a staunch believer in complete career stats (on the back), i do appreciate the extensive text on these post cards at the price of yearly statistics.  and, unlike those early topps issues, post is kind enough to tell us what year the stats are from rather than just 'year'.  anyway, the card notes that duke was the 'senior member of the dodgers' after the 1962 season.  such seniority was shortlived, as he was sold to the mets just before the 1963 season began.  in fact, his 1963 topps card lists him as a met, so this is one of his last dodger cards around.

so, i guess this card is a final tribute to duke's days with the dodgers - 1995 hits, 389 home runs and a nice round .300 batting average.  for those of us who choose to ignore his time with the mets and the giants (shudder), this card is a good way for the silver fox to go out.

here's to you, 1963 post duke snider!

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