26 October 2010

fernandomania, revisited

i know it's been mentioned on a few blogs over the past week or so, but i wanted to add my reminder - 'fernando nation' premieres on espn tonight as part of their '30 for 30'  film series.  jon weisman has a great review.  i can't wait - the dvr is set.
and, this would be a good time to thank el toro for signing my 1990 topps card.
here's to you fernando.  if i had a sombrero i would throw it to the sky!


Dodgerbobble said...

Sweet signature.

I'm gonna dv-r it too. Lakers come first.

Fuji said...

those are two amazing cards... the UD photo was way ahead of it's time. as for the auto... nice card! i've been trying to chase down his autograph for years... but they command top dollar.