16 June 2010

what is the most interesting thing about this card?

it's a 1986 fleer 'superstar special' (as i type that, i hear it in a howard cosell type voice - in the same way he used to say 'television spectacular'.  if you've never heard his rant about running out of time to make a tv gig, you are missing out) nl west sluggers card featuring dale murphy, steve garvey, and dave parker.
there are many possibilities as to what the most interesting thing about the card may be.  here are some options:
  1. none of the three card subjects are looking at the camera
  2. steve garvey is comparatively short
  3. although he hit 272 home runs in his career, i don't think anyone really considered steve garvey a 'slugger'
  4. with 4 mvp awards between them, along with everything else, none of the three guys are in the hall of fame.  was there any kid growing up in the late 70's/early 80's that didn't think at least one of these guys would be in cooperstown by now?
  5. the braves and reds were once in the nl west
  6. this picture was taken prior to the 1985 all star game, which means the background is that of the hubert h. humphrey metrodome!
  7. this picture was taken prior to the 1985 all star game, and features three participants (one unlikely) of the first official all star home run derby (parker won with 6, murphy had 4 and garvey tied jack clark and ryne sandberg with 2.  ripken jr brought up the rear with 1).
  8. i got this card for free, just by asking for it!
 that's right.  mark at stats on the back is in the midst of a card giveaway, and i claimed the stack of garvey cards.  for free.  well, actually i did send mark some mets and chicle from his want lists (and have one other card to send for his hof want list) but per the rules, i am only required to send 1 card.  here's some of the other stuff i claimed:

1967 topps len gabrielson (sketch card was a bonus!)
that's a good likeness.  gabrielson eventually made his way across town to the dodgers early in the 1967 season via a trade.

a big ol' stack of torii hunter cards, including this 2008 upper deck first edition card
 and a 2007 topps heritage rafael furcal sp 
mark also included a host of dodger cards, like this 2003 fleer fall classic don drysdale 
 this is quite an eclectic set, with different designs used within the set.  it's confusing, really.

2008 upper deck jeff kent infield power
 i had not seen this insert set before.  i wasn't missing much.

2002 donruss originals kazuhisa ishii
 donruss should have known that they didn't have rated rookies in 1982.  ishii was a good choice for a rated rookie, though - he was pretty much a bust just like so many of their other choices through the years.

there you have it - some of my haul from the stats on the back 'trade post' series.

thanks mark!

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Anonymous said...

I still think Murphy should be in the Hall, and would actually vote for all 3 (eventually, at least, there are quite a few names ahead of Parker and Garvey on my list).