10 June 2010

cards from inside the locker room! now with mexican headwear!

even though it was steve garvey, i wasn't very excited when i pulled this card out of a pack of fleer back in 1983. 
i wanted an action shot or a nice dodger stadium background, but instead i got a shot from the visitor's clubhouse of some nameless stadium.  the only thing i would have been interested in seeing from the dodgers' locker room was the don sutton/steve garvey brawl (maybe then travis could have included it in his 'pugilists' set), but i take what i am given, and so i am left to marvel at the fact that major league baseball players used wire hangers and that garvey's entire wardrobe appears to consist of blue clothes. 

fast forward to the present day, and we find recently promoted dodger reliever standing similarly to the garv, in the visitors' locker room.
and, while there are still wire hangers and a lot of blue shirts, justin has a briefcase, a golf hat and a sombrero.  viva los doyers!

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